Hi all !!!
Finally after long bugfixing there is video from my payed android app which give your friends automatic likes. This app have also tutorial for 24/7 use and bugfixing with instant message support !

Now is possible to download on my cloud :) released this post 7 days early for $49 patrons.   Become a $49 patron
Tier Benefits
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$1 or more per month
You get to sleep safe in the knowledge you're supporting an artists and that we can continue creating work for you to enjoy on Social Media. Also it helps cover time for developing new apps f.e. lowcost airtickets finder and more ...
  • For this donation is intergration to E-Mail newsletter with early access to free apps on Google ChromeAndroid Store or my private cloud with free databases
  • Newsletter contains info about next delivery, about changes, about actual bugs, tips for using app
  • Possibilities to vote in polls ( next delivery )
$3 or more per month
Custom tier for exclusive offers 

from private messages on Social Network

$5 or more per month
  • As a reward for this donation you can access to private content on my website which contains extended instagram databases from hashtags and places with generator
$50 or more per month
  • As a reward for this donation you can Access to my Windows PC app (and MAC for request ...)
  •  all previous rewards !!! 
$150 or more per month
  • As a reward for this donation you can access to free or private apps for Google Android (and maybe iOS in future) with priority support and without store paying.
  •  all previous rewards !!! 
$300 or more per month
 For this donation you will receive
  • Access to free or private apps for Google Android with priority support.
  • Access to my Windows app ( and also MAC in future ...)
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATION from Windows app
  • Access to FULL INSTAGRAM and LINKEDIN DATABASES including PATREON, Etsy, LiveJasmin, IsMyGirl, YouTubers and other users !!!
  • Full list of registered Patreon users with count of patreons and donation almout for 2018
  • Personal Facebook Messenger for personal care.
  • Tip for INSTA API automation server ( with Unlimited Accounts ) 
  • Priority developing new apps for social network what your needs ( from your messages / wishes )
$500 or more per month
For this monthly donation you can get my apps with:
  • Custom logo of your company and custom report issue link to your support for Google Android / Windows PC apps 
  • all previous rewards !!!
$5,000 or more per month
If there are any companies who wants to stop my work on this systems or databases this is the way how you can do it. 
... If you subscribe this plan and  this donation will be correctly charged i limit all patreons to current subscribers and there will be no possiblities for new users to follow my work, but if you unfollow this subscribtion it will be changed to normal again.
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