Developer's report - January 2018
This was a busy month! Lets see what I have added:

Design updates: larger ID images, country flags

I made the ID images bigger in the tournaments results. I also included country flags instead of country names in the tournament tables. (If you don't like the flags, you can switch them back to text at the bottom of the tables.)

New badges

I added mastery badges for the mini factions. Apex seems pretty solid right now, maybe the other IDs will catch up soon :)

I also added "national community awards" badge for the UK and Hungary. If your country has a (yearly) tournament where the best players compete and you want to give the winner/top-cut/participants a badge, I can make it happen. Just send me the badge design (140x140px PNG) and point me to the said tournament on ABR. I can also give out badges to certain users. For example: "most promising new player", "best senior", etc.

Personal page revamp (login required)

The Personal page used to list the tournaments you are registered to in a list and calendar format. I added a map showing said tournaments. I also made tabs to see the images and videos you have added to various tournaments.

Paging options for tournament tables, paging for tournaments on Profile page

You can select how many tournaments you would like to see per page on these tables. Your choices are remembered and can be customised for each table. I also added paging to the tournament lists on Profile pages, some users had 30+ items there already :)

Smoother NRTM integration

Together with NRTM app creator Gereon, we simplified the process of importing tournament results. There's an "NRTM results" button for to-be-concluded events. Tapping it will download the results from the current tournament of your NRTM app. It's really easy, if you need help, read the FAQ.

API performance upgrade, API docs updated

The tournament lister API got almost 4x faster which should impact page loading times drastically. I also added more endpoints to my API documentation in case you want to integrate with my site :)

Various bug-fixes and small improvements

The usual tiny tweaks that I don't list here.

I would also like to encourage you to join the #abr channel on Stimhack Slack. It's easy to contact me there, we discuss current development and you can have your say regarding upcoming functionality.

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