Developing a quality game (I hope)
Wow, this month's release(s) have been proving indeed. The main story arc hasn't got many bugs while it's way longer than "Family Time" released in June. The next one will be even more long in terms of actual gameplay and lines of coding (expect the announcement in the coming days).

Much of the time is spent rendering images of course, and while I added more than 100 more images in this update I'm still not satisfied of the whole graphic experience of the game and I want to add more of them both in the examinations and in the story arc.

I also noticed that last month I began to work on the next update on June 22nd, while right now in July 16th I'm not half done with 0.0.4 yet (Robyn's exam underway!)

So I had to choose: since I can't hire anyone to help me (yet) I could rush off things to release a shorter update in August or I could delay the release by a few days to ensure a quality work. I chose the latter. So while Patrons will receive a monthly update with new features I can't guarantee the same for final "public" releases.

Of course this is up to you guys to decide too, I'm developing this game with your help as you're my alpha testers. Do you prefer a quality work released "when it's ready" (with guaranteed patrons' monthly updates of course since you pledge me monthly) or you prefer smaller updates but more frequent?

You can answer me in the comments, if you like.

Be safe and healthy, and thank you.