Development Update 1/20/2017
Hello again! Travis (again) with the weekly dev update for wtf we have been doing in the past week. It's been a very long week so I'm comparing what I said we were gonna do in the last devblog and all the github commit messages to see what actually happened.

Specimen 3 is done! Aside from any bug fixes or tweaks later! I attached a picture of the real-holes that it now descends from. Its lab is also finished and looks nice and spooky. This is a big milestone because it's probably the most complicated of all the specimen at this point. 

Holes Picture 

New 3d menu! This is something that's necessary for VR and also really thematic for the whole "HD Renovation" concept. We have a really freakin' awesome mansion model that's mostly done that was created for us by the one and only MowtenDoo, who has an incredible variety of talents. It also includes some trees 3d modeled by me that look way less good but are still pretty decent. Using the old adage of "rotate and scale randomly" I managed to put together a nice little OMINOUS FOREST.

Menu Picture (The "Spooky's Scare Shack" text is gone now, I miss it)

I also enhanced the skybox we were using with a tube to keep the same aesthetic but make it look a little nicer. I made a room to get a nice look at the new skytube and it turned out really nice so I guess that's in the game now too.

Neat Room 

We got a bunch of art too! So now there's a big pile of 3d models w/ animations just waiting to be integrated and scripted. 

We are also getting localization in! I got all the framework-y stuff that had been sitting on the back of my mind out of there and in the game. Sheena has been hard at work coordinating with the translators and getting the text in to the game, which is super exciting. 

And the biggest news is that THE GENERIC ROOMS ARE DONE! Sheena has just been busting them out while I code things/try to do art. We still have a lot of renovations we want to do to the existing ones but this is an incredible milestone. All that remains is the scripted rooms (specimen/special ones), the specs themselves, and rare rooms.

As far as PluhQuest goes, Psychostick is on tour right now so they're kinda busy.

As for next week it's gonna be cranking out specimen & special rooms now that all the basics are in there. I'm looking forward to making CAT-DOS and the minigames. Additionally our friend cancel is working on something really cool for Spec 7 so look forward to that!

Spooky's launch on 2/17! SO CLOSE!! SCARY!