Development Update

Hey there^-^!

It's been two months since the last update (and some delay due to internet problems), so let us see what happened so far:


Sad news first:

Manic Mufflon left the team to concentrate on his own projects. He was always a great team mate and still he is a good friend. Just click his name to visit his homepage, if you dare. ;)

Even you are going your own way now, you always will be a part of the flock though.

Thank you for all your support man and good luck!


To bring you in the right mood, we start with some music from our dear musican Melodic Mufflon:

Sure, it is quite threatening, but it will be used as a battle track, so I think he made a damn good job as usual, didn't he?


So what about the video you ask?

Well, this is the prototyp of the battle system of Wings of Justice so far!

I will try my best to give you a brief description.

It is turn-based, Elora and Keno (eagle) work as one player (one joint round, joint HP and Focus(kind of MP)). The value of the focus determines nearly everything of the battle (attack/ability strength and also if you are able to use a specific ability for example).

Yet the battles aren't too exciting tbh, but quite more features will be added like "timed player input" to control the attack and the own defense. I hope the debugg log is helpfully to understand, what is happening in the video.

Current features added already:

Turn-Based-System, enemy selection, focus recovery at the beginning of the turn, standard attack and heal (both focus-dependent), focus recovery skill, enemy turn, enemy death, dmg-calculation, animations (just roughly adjusted).


What next? First very own original level graphics!

A picture or except mock-up says more than thousand words!

Look forward to a first complete base set!


Our dear artist Mellow Mufflon continued her work on the character graphics and their design.

Since we improved the titlescreen artwork to a slightly different coloring style, we figured that it would be best to adjust our already existing busts to fit that style. So Elora and her parents got an update, enhancing Eloras coloring and adjusting the colors to fit with the titlescreen. Eloras parents also got an update: some of the lines were redone and also the coloring was reworked.

Lets' have look.

We start with Elora and one special scene look of her:

Following by her parents (old = left; new = right):

Last but not least we have Elora's best friend, beside Keno, Iris:

And an extra GIF of the drawing steps (if you like such GIFs, tell us):



Our dear artist Meticulous Mufflon, who designed our lovely mufflon avatars, got an awesome idea to entertain you!

Even the rest of the team were suprised and what can I say?

We were just enthused!


There will be many more comics for our dear patrons!

Stay fuzzy!

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