Development Throwback: Character Concepts - Pearl
It's Pearl's turn for the development throwback!

As with Kairi and Jordan, Pearl was designed by Hitsukuya. Please give her a follow and tell her thanks for the great work on Undead Darlings. I'm sure she's sick of hearing it from us :) 

A few points about her that I thought were pretty nice: since she's the most modest character (Kairi being the most prude...or so she seems???), it made sense for her to be the sole character wearing pants. Just like with Jordan's boots, however, you rarely get to see the full effect of jeans + sandals.

Something that this sketch has that the final bust-up doesn't quite make apparent is the midriff of her shirt. In these sketches, her jeans are low-rise and her shirt is a bit short; it's a popular look and is pretty cute!

Since Pearl has some Native American roots (but barely), we wanted to kind of tease that by having a "turquoise" theme with her accessories. I remember driving through some reservation territory in Arizona or Nevada when I moved across the country; we stopped at a rest area and bought some turquoise jewelry from a local Native American jeweler. So...I don't think it's rude or offensive to have that type of jewelry on Pearl as a nod to her ancestry.

Her shirt is a little homage to those like, '80s nostalgic tees. It is meant to represent the "The More You Know" commercials. The design was followed through by putting stars on her jeans with similar colors.

There ya have it! Pearl Moira, the childhood friend and hoarder of things she attaches memories to.