Development plans for December
It’s 5th of December and this means that next patron wave receives early access and it’s time to publish development plans for the upcoming month. First of all, the release date for patrons shifts from January 1st to January 7th. Except this, the schedule stays the same for different release waves, just moves a bit later due to the New Year. Alright, let’s start with the goodies.

Supported platforms update – I’ll test MacOS and Linux platforms for an opportunity to roll League of Corruption out for them. Windows is good but let’s not forget about the others. Yes, I'm thinking about releasing to Android too, yet it will cost a lot more time tinkering in Android studio, so this time mobile devices have to wait. Additional platforms release won’t stay hidden until January if there will be no major problems with them. In this case, I will roll them out after testing both for patron and public versions.

Variety update – 0.1.5 version has first bits of this feature and I will develop it even more in the upcoming 0.2.0 release. League of Corruption will use a random generator to change environment: battle enemies and map NPCs. This will make the game less static in exploration and add some details to your adventures.

Content update system – is a continuous process of pushing early content up to the new mark of quality set by the later versions. It requires a lot of time to implement some of the planned changes so don’t expect the full transition within a month. This will affect LoC in three ways, namely:

1) Art update. Out players mentioned that early graphics aren’t that good and sometimes don’t look similar to their LoL counterparts. The art fairy will polish and change this art pieces without affecting new content in speed or quality. The approximate completion date for all pre-0.1.5 scenes is February/March 2018.

2 Scenes  and story update. It’s simple – add more spice, polish, fix the flow. This includes all the text in previous scenes. Some scenes already went through their first transformations but I don’t want to stop at this point and will constantly search for ways to improve them. This update is directly tied to the art update and shares approximate completion date with it.

3) Maps update. As you know, version 0.1.5 switched to parallax mapping, which allows greater flexibility and better looks. The only real downside this system has – it requires much more time to properly set up and test such a map. The approximate completion date for all pre-0.1.5 maps is March/April 2018.

I want to mark another step for providing the most suitable scene experience for our players – switchable point of view (or just PoV). Different people prefer various approaches, thus choosing a single PoV option as the “right” one will always hurt all the others. So I decided to be flexible about it and give the option to decide to players themselves. LoC will ask about your preferred style and all scenes will change accordingly. Don’t know what you’ll like best? No worries, you can always change PoV and replay scenes via the album in your castle. I want to tie this one to the big proofreading of the all narrative and this will take more than one month to complete but some scenes will have this feature in 0.2.0.

Well, that’s about it. I really want to make a teaser for yet another awesome feature but 0.2.0 will be quite big on new stuff and I don’t want to make empty promises. Let’s say this: I’ll try to test it and if it will work out alright – you’ll see the teaser in the second half of December. Anyways, implementing this “surprise” feature will be a huge pain in the rear and will require a great amount of time, but you know what? I think it’ll be worth it.