Development Log: Ginrei Goes Shopping!

Jan 14, 2017

It's been a busy week here at the Thimble. Our stellar engineer(s) and designers(s) have really given it their all. So much all that it almost seems like they're not all the same one person.

Next week, I'm going to take a first swing at growing some crops, improving interaction clarity, and maybe storing information between sessions.

Tasks completed since the last video:


1. Move items around in graphic inventory

  • Make “Inventory Stack” object.
  • Populate grid with inventory stacks.
  • Make “Selection”, “Pick Up”, and “Drop” interactions.
  • Preserve Inventory placement between scenes.

2. Equip Items

  • Let player Equip to D-Pad slots in Inventory.
  • Swap items using d-pad.
  • Make D-pad slots unique.
  • Unequips duplicates.

3. Create Time Interface

  • Create graphical elements for rotating Day/Night indicator.
  • Create nameable days and times of day.
  • Track hours minutes and seconds and update them only when time is moving.

4. Real-time Equipment Use

  • Use input to change equipped slot.
  • Create default gun
  • Gun equipped makes action button Shoot.
  • Eggplant equipped consumes eggplant.


  • On load new inventory slot ui, include the equipped slot symbol.
  •  Pausing blocks in-game inputs.
  • Move shoot to left trigger.

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