Development Log: The Path of Peace...
Wow, this game is really... GROWING!


The first pass of crop growing is in, and now the game persists from session to session. The full economic loop of the game is nearing completion. Once that loop is full, I can start expanding on the available items, add the conversation system, and greatly improve the whole exploration element.

Next week, I'll be putting in money and - much to Ginrei's surprise - real shopping. This should even give us a place to get more seeds, since that is currently all done from debug commands.

Tasks completed since the last update:


1. Interaction Indicators

  • All Actor Objects require an “Interaction Indicator Object”, but can default to root when not available.
  • When interact available, spawn a “Interaction Billboard” over their Indicator transform.
  • Create Interaction Indicator prefab.
  • Name of interaction, Button to press.
  • Make interact objects use Standard Actor as base.

2. Farming

  • Create Growing plant which grows to maturity in a set number of days. (Increment at 6AM every day. Set that standard time in Time manager.)
  • Make advancement of growth predicated on having gotten water before sundown.
  • Create indicators for needing water and having that need satisfied and missed.
  • Create interaction for Sleeping until “Wake Up Time”.
  • Advance time and make things grow in that period.
  • Create Interaction to “Water Crop."
  • Enable harvest interaction when plants are fully grown.

3. Farming Equipment

  • Create “Farming Grid” - Series of square areas which may be used for farming.
  • Create “Hoe” item to make “Tilled” farming squares.
  • Create “Seed” item which consumes when used on tilled square.
  • Create “Watering Can” which waters squares.
  • Save the status of the crop as a part of the square’s structure.
  • Save the structure of this farming area as part of the player’s save file.

4. Save Character

  • Save and Load sessions.
  • Create multiple player profiles.
  • Store status of HomeShip as part of Save Load process, but only load home ship when at home ship.
  • Create “FadeIn/FadeOut” UI for transitioning scenes and days. 


  • Add AM and PM to clock text output.
  • Make tilled ground degrade to normal.


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