Deviant Discovery Changelog

V 0.47.0:

  • 30 new images rendered and distributed across three new scenes as well as the ending scene for Harley.
  • Two new portrait images for Harley, clothed and unclothed.

Known bugs:

  • When loading a save if you get an error, rollback to a stable state and change location.
  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.
  • The travel menu sometime stay visible when the rest of the GUI is hidden.

V 0.46.0:

  • 44 new images rendered and distributed across three vastly improved scenes for Kara at the pool.
  • New portrait images for Kara, wearing her bikini.
  • The three new scenes all have two possible endings, as well as three new intros to those scenes as well as a "Mini" ending for Kara.
  • Improving the process of buying toys for Luna's events.
  • Made Luna still available for mentoring even after being sent home without the need to call her again.

Known bugs:

  • When loading a save if you get an error, rollback to a stable state and change location.
  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.
  • The travel menu sometime stay visible when the rest of the GUI is hidden.

V 0.45.0:

  • Close to 80 new images distributed across 10 new scenes.
  • Two of those scenes have a choice ending.
  • Two different sets of portraits for this stage of Lola.


  • Made the girls in the classroom only display the day during weekdays
  • Removed unnecessary step when talking to Yuki in the classroom
  • Removed time pass when blueing Kara in favor of returning to classroom
  • Fixed a bug making you return to home after talking to Frankie for the first time
  • Added missing case of going to Kara's office after missing work
  • Fixed a case of the Travel panel staying open after traveling
  • Added a "give assignments" button in the classroom
  • Fixed a bug displaying options to reveal to Kara she got pinked and blued and pinked as available
  • Fixed a bug with the price of Burly Bob not putting enough strain on income

Known bugs:

  • When loading a save if you get an error, rollback to a stable state and change location
  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback
  • The travel menu sometime stay visible when the rest of the GUI is hidden

V 0.44.0:

  • Reworked the sexshop inventory and menus to improve navigation
  • Reworked the stripclub logic to improve reliability
  • Added delightfully whimsical names to the sexshop toys
  • Added the availability of the lab at day during the weekend
  • Added an event marking system to highlight the needed item in the sexshop the mark are color coded to the girl needing the item
  • Added the possibility to send Chrystal buy her slut outfit from home during tutoring
  • Made the event following Chrystal buying the outfit on a trigger
  • Made some requirements clearer to reduce some confusion
  • Fixed a bug making the inventory tooltips show when the inventory was hidden
  • Removed the availability of the dean's office during the weekend

Known bugs:

  • When loading a save if you get an error, rollback to a stable state and change location.
  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.
  • The travel menu sometime stay visible when the rest of the GUI is hidden

V 0.43.0:

  • Lola now has top tier content which takes place after the first green serum content(The content she has with dean Kara.)
  • It includes 81 new images which are spread over 10 new scenes with Lola, and of those 10 new scenes 3 of them have alternate choice endings.
  • A whole variety of new portraits for her in various states of dress...
  • Changed time division, now a full day is composed of day, evening and night, that change should streamline the gameplay.
  • Added weekends, during those teaching is not possible but not needed.
  • Added a simplified display of the day of the week and time, when hovered it will show the regular panel, it can also be clicked to pass time.
  • Changed the pass time icon.
  • Added a "Home" button to facilitate navigation.
  • Made replayable scenes more explicitly 'replayable' as opposed to 'repeatable'.
  • Fixed a number of display issues with the gym and the phone.
  • Added tooltips for the inventory and incomes.
  • Added a different income unit visual to more explicitly represent maxed incomes.
  • Significantly improved performances during SMS events.
  • Made the clickable zone to open the SMS images span the whole width of the message to help clicking.
  • Added a notification in the main menu if an update is available.

Known bugs:

  • When loading a save if you get an error, rollback to a stable state and change location.
  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.

V 0.42.0: 

  •  33 new images for Kara's redesigned content that goes from meeting her first and up to her wardrobe change (That content will come at a later time.)
  • Kara now also has several more portrait encounters which are triggered by how you decide to approach the classroom and teaching.
  • 7 new images for Harley's new strip club scene + dialogue about her appearing with Alexey.
  • There are of course also the new portraits for Kara at her two initial stages.

Known bugs:

  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.
  • The flash effect is currently bugged on some old content and may not look as intended.

V 0.41.0: 

  • A total of 59 new images were made for this update.
  • Seven new scenes featuring each of the girls helping to promote Francesca's sexshop
  • Added seven new sms discussions with each girl, asking them if they're willing to help out with the shop.
  • Fixed a display bug on the income notifications
  • Fixed a minor bug when telling Alice to come with the materials
  • Fixed a bug causing the SMS discussions to be triggered twice

Known bugs:

  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.
  • The flash effect is currently bugged on some old content and may not look as intended.

V 0.40.0:

I ended up doing somewhere close to 70 new images for this update which most of them are the pictures for the scenes, some are Francesca's new portraits and a new sexshop background.

I'll continue listing the changes here below:

  • Complete overhaul of the sexshop.
  • Francesca's content redone with somewhere around 16 new encounters.
  • Added a new simplified monetary system.
  • Added an inventory system (sort of.)
  • Added the requirements to buy the toys before using them with the girls.
  • Reworked the GUI to reflect the changes.
  • Added a flash visual effect during spanking scenes
  • Added a toggle to flashing visual effect in the preferences
  • Added a GUI element displaying the requirement for grayed out events
  • Corrected a bug displaying Chrystal with her blonde hairstyle right at the end of the first talk after her transformation
  • Added the possibility to postpone the response to Chrystal's request
  • Event that should be played only once to make sense are now displayed dimmed once played, but they are still replayable (not implemented for all events)

Known bugs:

  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback

V 0.39.0:

There were 52 images rendered for a total of six new scenes and eight new phone encounters.

All of those scenes are at Harley's 3rd Tier and are listed below.

Harley's scenes:

  • A new "chill" scene. It nets affection and it should alternate between four different images.
  • She also has a brand new spanking scene.
  • Piv doggy scene, where she's strapped to a bench.
  • A wandplay scene which has two different endings
  • What would an update from me be, without a butt stuff scene? This time it involves her and a buttplug.
  • She also has a new Bj scene with two different endings as well.

Harley's selfies:

  • There are a total of 8 new selfies you can recieve from Harley.
  • If you inspect her, then she sends you a text.
  • Spend enough time with her just chilling to raise affection and she will text you.
  • Do the spanking scene for the next image.
  • Do the wandplay action and then end by denying her orgasm and she will send you a text. You'll then get two choices which will lead to two different images. Repeat for the other image.
  • Play with her on the fuck machine for another text.
  • Plug her butt for the last text.

Additional changes:

  • Improved readability of character SMS with lighter colors.

V 0.38.4: 

  • Removed the "Incompatible save" stamp on the empty slots.
  • Removed the empty slots from displaying when loading.
  • Fixed a stupid mistakes that prevented new games to save correctly, save prior v0.38.3 were unaffected.

V 0.38.3:

  • Fixed an issue when texting Alice.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the avatar when scrolling (kudos to the66).
  • Fixed a number of issues with phone GUI.
  • Sorted the SMS threads by hue because it looks cool.
  • Sorted the phone contact in alphabetical order.

V 0.38.2:

  • If you've already downloaded V0.38.1 Then you can safely just download the patch file and copy it to your game, it's a much smaller download.
  • Fixed and issue with Yuki selfies and Alice events triggers

V 0.38.1:

  • Fixed an issue caused by a missing init when loading a save from a previous version.

V 0.38.0:

Reworked the intro:

  • We redid the intro to better fill in maybe some blanks and provide a much needed background for the character.

Main story:

  • For the main story to trigger you do need to have finished dealing with both Howard and Greg for Kara as well as visiting her at her house (the pool part, specifically.).
  • It's then triggered by meeting an person from your past at the school and from there on it should be pretty much straightforward.

Chrystal's slutty ending:

  • So we did manage to get one of Chrystal's endings made and implemented and this ending is the outcome of maxing her sluttiness.
  • If you're having troubles with maxing her sluttiness you could always put her to work at the strip club.
  • That ending is not really something that's tied to the main story, but more like a side ending or a closure for her character.


  • Adding a toggle switch in the Preferences to activate the console.
  • Sorting the travel menu by name.
  • Adding a blink to the Dean's Office travel option when Kara is available for meeting up.
  • Removing the Gym from the travel menu when it's closed.
  • Fixing an issue making the phone icon and Kara's contact entry blink.
  • Fixing an issue preventing Chrystal from texting the MC after the second study session.
  • Fixing the issue with skipping deactivating for good.
  • Polishing the halting when skipping to notify the available SMS event.
  • Fixed a potential issue preventing SMS events to trigger (including the one needed in the story).
  • Added a little increase in the sluttiness of the girl working at the stripclub.
  • Added a cap to the money a girl can make at the stripclub.
  • Fixing an issue with SMS notifications appearing multiple times.
  • Added an adaptive outline to text over colored background to improve readability.

Known bugs:

  •     The notifications can sometime appear a second time
  •     The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback 

V 0.37.3:  

  • Rebuilt this version to avoid the corrupt archive problem.
  • Added sms from Luna after initial encounter at tattoo shop so she's added to phone contacts.

V 0.37.2:

  • Fixing an issue with Kara being display during the threeway dialogue with Lola.
  • Finally got that blank screen issue with Chrystal fixed.
  • Fixing an issue making the Tattoo parlour unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue with a gate on Harley last stage.

V 0.37.1: 

  •  Fixed a bug with Kara's first injection.

V 0.37.0:

  • 64 images were rendered for this update.
  • Yuki's content is from this version forward now split between her either wearing the tail plug and engaging in puppy play or her normal, submissive self.

Yuki's content:

  • I reworked the old put her tail in scene, adding a lot more dialogue in the process. So after you play that scene Yuki will switch to her pet role, making those scenes available.
  • Yuki now has a long awaited scene where she puts her enhanced chest to good use.
  • Last but not least, a new doggystyle scene.

Yuki's pet play content:

  • I added a lot more of scenes for her pet playing role, plus I reworked the old tail out scene. That will revert her to her normal self.
  • You can now walk and feed her which are two separate scenes.
  • Reward her with a treat or punish her are also two separate scenes.
  • While in her pet role, she's allowed to hump things which I made a scene of.
  • I reworked the old bj scene.
  • Finally, she also has a new anal scene.

Additional changes:

  • Added the contact list to the GUI removing the "Look at phone" entry from the home choice menu
  • Added a save compatibility check
  • Added blinking message icon when a SMS event is available
  • Added blinking avatar in the list of SMS discussion when an event is available
  • Added a hard pause when the MC is thinking about contacting a girl via SMS
  • Fixing an issue with the SMS dialogue that prevented to rollback

Known bugs:

  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback


  • The nature of the changes made on some systems of the game on this update, made it prone to introduce some bugs related to the SMS events. 

V 0.36.0:

  • 73 new images rendered for this update, and even though some of the images are reworks of scenes that were already in the game, I did make sure to carefully go through each and every one of them to bring them up to my current standard of artwork.
  • Chrystal now has 8 new scenes at her top tier and I will list them right below.
  • I think it also goes without saying that in reworking the images I felt I also had to rewrite the dialogue for those scenes, so going through those scenes should be a completely different experience.
  • Some typo corrections.
  • Fixed the bug preventing a softlock on Harley's last injection.

Chrystal's content:

  • After Chrystal's injection you can now inspect her changes, making comments through the examination.
  • Three new scenes where the Mc's coaches her through different tasks that deal with her new found love for exhibitionism and objectification.
  • A new scene which unlocks as long as Chrystal has performed at the strip club. In it Chrystal will wear her club dress and ride the mc reverse cowgirl style. I made two different endings for that scene which you can choose from.
  • The old buttplug scene got reworked.
  • The old missionary Piv scene got reworked and now has tow different endings that you can choose from.
  • The old anal scene got reworked.

V 0.35.3:

  • Two new backgrounds both of the deans office since the new content with Lola mostly happens there. One for daytime and then one for nighttime
  • New portraits for Kara's Tier 3, now she wears her office clothes.
  • Some typos correction
  • Adding the possibility to jump to the Dean's office and the School Gym from anywhere anytime.
  • Fixed save issue some people were having.
  • In order to access her new content, you must pick the green serum when prompted to choose at the gym.
  • This time there are 66 new images spread out over 10 scenes.
  • Kara gets to punish Lola.
  • Lola gets to know Kara a bit better by inspecting her.
  • Two camshow scenes.
  • Two sort of training scenes where Kara teaches Lola some skills.
  • Three varying short scenes where Lola gets to watch videos on her own.
  • Finally one scene where the MC gets to join in the fun.
  • Correcting a bug preventing to train Chrystal at last stage.
  • Correcting a bug preventing to train pinked Lola when loading a save from last version with an already pinked Lola
  • Fixed the issue with scrolling SMS threads. Added arrow key as control.

Known bugs:

  • The notifications can sometime appear a second time.
  • The notifications can also have a weird behavior when it comes to rollback.
  • The avatar on SMS threads and messages don't render properly if you scroll down.

V 0.33.0:

  • So first of, like I had talked about, I wanted to redo some of her 1st Tier content, but then as I started doing it, it made sense to bring it up to par with the rest. So every picture is remade.
  • Instead of the four scenes in the gym, there are now five as the "clean the showers" scene got added. Which also eliminates the need for replaying scenes in that tier in order to progress.
  • The injection scene is available after her five initial scenes, which starts her progression to this version of her 2nd Tier.
  • You'll then receive a text from Alexey two days later, so be sure to go visit him to make Lola become available for tutoring at home.
  • There are four new tutoring scenes and one of them has two ways it can end.

V 0.32.0:

  • I redid two of the backgrounds since I was getting sick of looking at them. 
  • I rendered 54 new pictures in this update and that's not counting the portrait pics. So there's definitely a lot of new stuff to look at.
  • So much text... Like seriously. I don't know why I write so much when doing Harley's dialogue, but it's just a lot.
  • In order to get the new content you should have the option of injecting her at home.Then meet her at school, talk to her and then you'll be able to talk to her at school the day after.
  • Inspection scene, where you get up close with her transformation.
  • Two machine scenes, each with their own style.
  • A sort of free use scene.
  • Finally, an anal scene with two different outcomes.

V 0.31.1:

  • Fixed Harley's composite values bug.
  • Fixed Kara's call it a night bug.

V 0.31.0:

  • Vaasref implemented an awesome new smartphone system which fundamentally changes how the phone is used in the game. He'll explain that better a little further down in his part of the post.
  • So there are 48 new pictures in this update. Each of them a sort of mini scene, set to happen in between training the girls or when they reach certain milestones.
  • Those scenes are at this time limited to all the girls except Lola, Luna & Francesca.
  • Playthrough should be pretty straightforward since the girls text you at certain times, but be sure to check the envelope after scenes or certain events as it will sometime allow for the player to send texts to the girls as well.
  • You might also have noticed that since we did the stripclub update I've been rendering the artwork at higher resolutions. You can expect that to be the new standard going forward. 

V 0.30.3: 

Private dance scenes for:

  • Kara tier 3
  • Yuki tier 3
  • Harley tier 2
  • Lola tier 1

Coding changes:

The save from 0.30.x should be compatible, you may not want to use them if you got yourself into a lock state, but you can always try.

  • Fixed issue causing a 50% bug when a girl is performing at the stripclub.
  • GUI harmonization pass.

Known bugs:

Rollbacks are still broken and cannot be repaired until the next save breaking update.  

V 0.30.2:

  • Fixed tutoring ban events.
  • Fixed Kara's assessment.
  • Fixed bug making Chrystal changing appearance during a talk.
  • Added gate to prevent Chrystal's last stage sluttiness lock.
  • Removed gate preventing training Lola at the gym after first blowbang.
  • Added Patreon button on main menu.
  • Removed useless volume sliders.
  • Stripclub earning are now based on the sluttiness of the performer.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.

Known bugs:

  • Rollbacks are however still broken and cannot be repaired until the next save breaking update.

V 0.30.0: 

New GUI:

  • Vaasref did a wonderful job of redesigning both the travel, and the pass time function. Which you'll find in the top right corner in every location.

New location:

  • The stripclub, where the girls can be set to work, netting you a passive income each night. You'll also be able to watch the girls perform and in this update you can get a private dance from one of them.

New Character:

  • Alexey, who is the owner of the stripclub. You'll have to talk to him in order to unlock the features of the club.

New scenes:

  • Chrystal's performance and her private dancing.
  • Lola's show.
  • Kara's dancing.
  • Harley's performance.
  • Yuki's dancing.


  • Correcting various typos.
  • Rewriting the game logic hopefully dealing with the bugs.
  • Laying the foundation for better, deeper and more connected storylines.
  • Tweaking "tutoring" difficulty.
  • Implementing the first drafts of coming GUI.
  • Compressing images from now on.
  • Known bug: Currently the rollback function doesn't work, so just try to not do anything that requires that function until it's fixed.

Note from Vaasref:

Due to the nature of the work on the backend of the game and my recent arrival on this project things didn't have time to settle down yet.

What that means for you is that for the next few updates your saves will probably not work from a version to the next. 

And while I'll try to keep my naming OCD in check to avoid unnecessary save breaking, as the game currently undergoes massive backend changes and save breaking will be mandatory until I finish pumping out all sorts of new functionalities for Jan the spider to go crazy with.

V 0.21.0: 



  • Again, there are three new reading scenes or scenes involving her stories.

Four different tasks:

  • A blowjob scene (Which will be different depending on your choice in the aforementioned tier 1 scene).
  • Standing doggy style.
  • Playing with her butt.

Two discipline oriented:

  • One where you inspect her thoroughly as the serum has made some changes to her body.
  • A pose play scene with a variety of choices, where you decide if she's been bad or good.

Other changes:

  • I really, really, really tried to once and for all end the stupid bug which involves Chrystal going from tier 1 to tier 2 causing a scene lockup. It's working on my end, so hopefully it will for you guys too.

V 0.19.1:



  • Three separate study scenes with her, you'll be taken to the new one each time a different prerequisites has been met.

Four different tasks:

  • Her seducing you.
  • You encourage her to try and tease you.
  • She strips down for you.
  • You make her show off her pussy for you, with two different outcomes.

One discipline oriented:

  • I thought what would doing a goth girl be without the spanking? So I had to at least make one scene featuring that.

And finally a sex scene:

  • Technically there are two sex scenes, but seeing as the other scene has a different outcome some people wouldn't count it. But the final scene for Harley at tier 1 is a footjob scene.

Other changes:

  • One other reason for the delay was that I wanted to find a better way to display the girl evaluations. Seeing as there was a lot of clicking in the older versions.
    So now it's just one button which will then display that girls parameters one after the other.


  • I'm pretty sure I found the bug preventing players from advancing with Chrystal from Tier 1 to Tier 2.
    To clarify, that's right after you've given her the new uniform but she keeps wearing the old one and you can't progress with her.

V 0.17.0: 


  • Two new study scenes, in addition to a rewrite of the one already in the game. Each of the scenes will play out in order so just hit the study button and you'll be taken to them.
  • You can now send her home to practice on a dildo. When that scene has played out be sure to send her a message via the phone to start receiving some pics. If you send her another message you'll get the chance to direct the action so that scene can go two ways.
  • A breast groping scene
  • Butt grabbing scene
  • And last, something I haven't done before but I thought was pretty fitting for Chrystal at that stage, a thigh fucking scene.
  • Every scene for Chrystal Tier 1,2 and 3 now has a small notification at the end of it saying which of her attributes changed.
  • Also there is probably some small changes to the scenes already present at Tier 1, but they were mostly spelling corrections and minor rewrites.

V 0.16.0:


  • One new scene featuring the third part of her anal training. 
  • The other one is an anal scene found under her sex scenes menu, titled 'put it in her butt'. 


  • I added the third scene of her mentoring process, and it involves nipple clamps...
  • Her other new scene which you can find under the favors menu. I won't say too much as it has a surprise twist and has two ending possibilities.

Francesca + Luna:

  • Time for Lunas first test. When you've gotten the prompt to do so, go to the sexshop and shop for a new outfit for Luna.

V 0.15.0:


  • Three new scenes with her which are available after she does her first makeover.
  • Spooning sex scene.
  • Two buttplay scenes.
  • In addition, every one of Karas new scenes has a choice of two different outcomes so be sure to replay those scenes to see everything.
  • The branching choice system with the scenes is something I haven't done before, so I'm really excited to hear your thoughts and if that's something you like and would want to see implemented in other scenes as well.


  • She has two new scenes, which can be done from home after the tattoo parlor scene with her.
  • Call her on your phone to get her to visit you.

V 0.14.0:


  • I rewrote the code so she now follows the same rules as both Yuki and Chrystal. So you should only need to set up a meeting with her and those dates will be available until you tell her otherwise.


  • Three new scenes with her on tier 3 at your home.
  • One bj scene.
  • Two tail plug scenes which will in the next version serve as a type of lock or unlock to certain other scenes.


  • After having her tattoo Yuki, the tattoo parlour is now available, you can get there through your home in the midday and afternoon time slots.
  • She has one talking encounter which leads to a sex encounter that sets the tone for how her story will unfold.


  • Two scenes with Yuki and Chrystal together. In order to reach those scenes they should both be tier 3.

V 0.13.0:

New location:

  • The tattoo parlour, which also gives a peak on one of the three new characters I've started to implement into the game.
  • Her name is Luna and she co stars in one of Yukis scenes this month.
  • The story about why I created her is rather exciting and I will make a post about that sooner than later.

New Character:

  • Lola recently won in the poll I made for you, my patrons. So I focused mostly on developing her per my fans requests.
  • In order to meet her you'll have to progress past a certain point in Karas story, that means you'll have to finish setting Howard up in the blackmailing scene.
  • After that, she'll appear in your lab as the new "There's someone here" action.
  • She has four new scenes after you meet her and I hope you guys like her last one, It was a hell of a scene to both setup, render and write. 


  • Two new scenes, both for her tier 3 look and would fall under the punishment category.
  • I also went back and rewrote all of her code, which means that the days of asking her to meet you everyday are over. From now you ask her once and she'll be at your house after school. You ask her to leave and you'll have to find her at school to re invite her.


  • It's time for her upgrade with a scene showing her reasoning for it.
  • There are in total four new scenes with her, one with her tier 2 look, one story line scene and two re playable sex scenes.

New minor character:

  • Karim makes a short appearance in Lolas encounters.

V 0.11.0:

So there are four new scenes for Yuki all accessible from the lab office:

  • Two reward types (one Sex scene and one domination facial scene.)
  • Two Punishment types (Orgasm denial and some buttplay.)


  • One new (replayable for now) sex scene for Francesca in her shop.


  • One new scene for Tier3  Chrystal.

V 0.10.0

  • First of there's a new character, Francesca and she runs the sexshop. She has only one sex scene for now, but the framework is up so adding to her story should be easier.
  • New location: the sexshop.
  • Continuation for Yukis story can be done by buying her a new outfit from the sexshop and so her new look has four scenes. Two of them are money rewarding work scenes and then two other just fun ones.

I went back and rewrote many things in the code.

  • I changed the system so that when asking Yuki to assist you in the office she will always be there unless you dismiss her, but why would you want to do that right?
  • The lab now only takes three actions to be set up and ready.
  • Serums are now made with one action.

V 0.09.1:

  • So first off I made a new main screen. About time I think.
  • New character: Yuki - Quiet and reserved, you can meet her at school and offer to help her out in the gym. 
  • Four actions in the gym with Yuki, fairly mild ones. But be sure to check your phone after you give her the injection.
  • New location: Lab office - Accessible from the lab as soon as you have built it. Also from there you have the option to interact with Tier 2 Yuki. (After you inject her and the phone events are done you can talk to her at school and get her to do all sorts of things.)
  • Five different actions with Yuki at the office. Two of those actions generate money and are repeatable.
  • In reworking the lab code I finally found the persistent bug which some people reported, it's now gone and you should be able to work on the serum twice a day without any problems.


  • Fixed a bug with the phone message system

V 0.08:

  • Kara's House is a new location as well as the adjoining pool.  To get there either travel from home in the midday or the school midday. So use the pass time function or teach class to pass the time. 
  • Frankie the gym bro can now be trained further and when you reach certain goals the amount of money per training session will increase.
  • Fully training him also opens up a scene with Kara as long as Howard has been dealt with.
  • I added a new sex action scene for Kara when you meet her at home.
  •  Kara can also confront Howard with your help which will unlock gym scene with Frankie.
  •  Kara can now confront  her ex husband with your help which furthers her story and opens up access to her house which leads me to:
  • The first branching story. Be sure to save and try them both out. Kara's ex can be dealt with in two ways: Either talk to the fully trained Frankie or make green serum. Both choices will lead to access too Kara's house but will have different consequences in the next version.
  • From Kara's house there are three new sex scenes with her
  • Kara's and Howard's scene is non repeatable 1 time only like some of the other scenes.


  • The phone now serves a function. Call Kara to arrange meeting up with her.
  • Kara can now look a bit different after a makeover, hopefully you guys will like it
  • The Deans story arc continues at your place with some explicit scenes like you watching dirty movies together, her giving you a bj, a cowgirl scene as well as three other obedience boosting punishment scenes
  • I didn't have time to go over every step in the code play wise so be sure to let me know if something goes wrong.


  • Fixed a typo causing a crash with Karas degrade/objectify actions
  • Added the ability to assess Karas status per Dutchpetes suggestion

Update 2:

  • Fixed a bug causing a crash with assessing the girls.(Sorry guys)

Update 3:

  • Fixed the issue with the lab options disappearing.


  • A lot of time went into rewriting the the day/evening cycle of the game into 4 segments. so some actions can be performed multiple times per day.
    For example: teaching during morning and midday as well as the gym. The lab you can visit two times per day and more.
    The purpose of this was to allow more encounter per day and faster story progression.
  • The gym is now a source for income with training Frankie, which is a new character. Training on your own does nothing for now, but it made sense to incorporate it.
  • The Deans story arc has begun with multiple scenes with the dean, including some foreplay and heavy petting. 1 sex scene with her and the setup for further development of her.
  • Another new character named Howard which will try to hinder you.
  • I tried my best to go over every little detail in the code, and hopefully it should be bug free. But you never know.


  • Fixed a bug where the story would not progress with Chrystal after body injection.


  • Six new scenes with Chrystal + her new look.
  • I added one sex scene before her new look, so be sure to check it out before changing her body, because it can't be done after the injection.
  • The other scenes are after her change and are as follows: hang out, piv sex, titfucking, buttplay.
  • And as always, minor spelling and code fixing.


  • Three new locations:
    The gym, deans office and the lab.
  • the phone, which will serve later as an sort of status checker and to have contact with npcs.
  • You can work on first setting up the lab which will unlock the ability to synthezise the blue serum in the lab.
    The blue serum is a sort of mood reset button.
  • Kara  the dean. She will hinder you from working with Chrystal after a  certain point. In order to progress with her you will have to find a way  to change her mind.
  • Four new scenes with Chrystal in her new  wardrobe. I reworked the code to show requirements for each action with  Chrystal and suggestions for other actions as well.
  • My old system  of having actions pop up when they were available didn't really work as  people expected something that wasn't there to hopefully pop up. It's a learning process to see what works for the game as opposed to what works in theory. 


  • You can now get Chrystal to expose herself if she is obedient enough(2 scenes and both raise sluttiness)
  • Yeah! Money now serves a purpose. 300$ and sluttiness should be enough to unlock a new scene and clothes for Chrystal.
  • ***Attention***  The other scenes become unavailable after her wardrobe change because i  have yet to render the new scenes for her after she changes clothes.
    Those scenes will be in the next release.


  • teaching is rewarded with money.(so far money does nothing, but will be useful later on.)
  • Study with chrystal (raises affection)
  • discipline chrystal (unlocked with affection/raises obedience)
  • assessment of girl and (some) of her responses changes as affection/obedience gets higher

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