Hello everyone, here's an early Devil Spy update for you. I hope the sunset doesn't make this look like a Lisa Frank drawing, haha. Already regretting the decision to draw this bridge for the next 4 pages. :S I think this page makes it look simple but it took me so long to draw it, haha.

Anyway, I will have another page of Willem for you next week and hopefully a new page of WOH! I'm planning to take a break from WOH! at the end of the current chapter, so there's about 4 pages left now. 

I did some "Ask Vincent" posts on my Deviant Art where people asked my skunk character Vincent some questions. You can see them here: http://jaymzeecat.deviantart.com/gallery/59493740/Vincent-And-Friends I'll put up a couple more of those next week.

July is almost over, if you are signed up for reward commissions/sketches and we have not yet discussed yours, please email me at [email protected] with your idea. Rewards do not roll over at the end of the month and there's only about a week left to get your reward for July. :)

Thank you so much for your continued support!