Devil token batch is firing!
Long, long overdue.  Thank you so much for sticking with me all this time of not actually getting these done.  But they are done.  You'll all be getting your tokens soon!  

Well, soonish.  I mean, they're at the printers, so it'll still be a bit.  Sorry if I got you over-excited.  It'll be a couple of weeks before they are even here to ship out.  But I figured you'd like to know that at least it's rolling, and there's a rough delivery date.


If you are at a tier that gives custom rewards, now is the time to let me know what you'd like on your token!  

(Also everyone what name you would like on your Patreon Exclusive - Hatchling or Nipper.)


Also news!

You'll be getting more token releases in 2017!  Hopefully one a month, mabye even more.  Cardamajigs and I are teaming up!  They will be taking care of production and shipping, freeing up that time for me to paint. 

I'm also going to adjust the reward tiers to free up more time.  I'm going to pull back on the custom rewards a bit, and the signatures.  

That's not going to affect this release, of course.  You'll all get everything you're signed up for now.  But after this release, I'll be changing the rewards.  (And the rates too, of course.)