Devlog #2 - Military Organization
Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our second Devlog. Before we begin, we hope you enjoyed our first Devlog (about Economy and Trade) will have given you a first idea on Fields of History.

Today we will explain the military organization.

We have thought for a long time about everything that concerns military management. Very important in a strategy game, it's an essential point in Fields of History.

We wanted a system which allows to have a realistic management of the armies without annoying the player with countless sub-menus which can ruin the gaming experience. After several weeks of reflections and interrogations, we think that we've managed to develop this part of the game by having found a middle ground between gameplay, complexity and historical accuracy.

In addition, it provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the global structure of your armies.

It's always in this ergonomics perspective that we created the interface of the Headquarters.

For the ground forces, for example, we have integrated several levels of command for your generals.

At the head of your General Staff (Oberste Heeresleitung in the Imperial German Army) you will have to appoint the Commander-in-Chief and the Quartermaster General. They will only answer to your Minister of War and will allow you to determine a doctrine that will have to be followed by the Generals of Armies under their command.

You will be able to appoint at the head of each of your armies a general. His skills will determine the maximum number of Corps that he can command effectively. In addition, each Army General will apply a Strategy that you can choose according to his abilities and the situation.

Finally the lowest level of command for a general is the one of Corps General. Present on the ground, in contact with his men, the Corps General can react faster but also is more likely to be wounded in combat. 

His command ability will be essential to defend strategic points and to carry out offensives.

You don't have to assign all your units to Corps, but leaving them without any command may have serious consequences for your Divisions, Regiments and Companies. Indeed poorly supervised troops could quickly retreat in a difficult situation, or even capitulate in the worst case and be made prisoners of war by your enemies.

Note that among the units assigned to the XV Corps, you can see different flags that don't match the French flag.

For some Empires and Countries, you will have the possibility to recruit local troops (like the Bavarians in the German Empire) and/or indigenous troops (like the Senegalese Tirailleurs for France).

This is a feature that we always wanted to integrate into FoH because, in addition to the historical accuracy, it provides you opportunities to customize your armies. 

We have already modelized and textured a lot of these units such as the French Foreign Legion, the Askaris, the British Indian soldiers and many more.

Each general is unique and has his own traits.
A general like Robert Nivelle will be more inclined to push his men into the battle at the cost of heavy losses while a general like Paul von Hindenburg, more strategist, will be better to conduct encirclement and flanking Strategies.

Battles after battles, your units will gain experience. In addition to making your units more experienced, which will improve their capabilities (Cohesion, Precision, Discipline, etc.), a part of this experience will be attributed to the Corps General directly commanding this unit but also to the Army General of this Corps.

It will allow your generals to gain levels which will give them the ability to command more Corps and units as well as use more complex Strategies on the battlefield.

We will talk in more details about the Strategies and how they work in a future Devlog. We hope you share our vision of the military organization. Feel free to share with us your feedback in the comments.

Have a nice weekend!

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