Devlog #4 - Industrial Production

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this fourth Devlog of Fields of History: The Great War. Today we're going to talk about how Industrial Production works, a fundamental part of FoH's gameplay.

Industrial Production is a very important part of the game and is based on many settings and factors. Indeed, it will allow you to manufacture Supplies and Fuel which your soldiers will need, in particular during war.
It is also with it that you will be able to build the Cargo ships for your Convoys as well as the necessary parts for the equipment of your troops (rifles, grenades, equipment, vehicles, etc.).

You will also have to, according to the laws of your country, dedicate a part of your Industrial Production to produce the necessities of which your population needs daily.

The remainder of your production will be used to generate Wealth that will be added to your Treasury after having paid the interest of your possible debts, the wages of your soldiers as well as all the costs inherent to the management of your country (Infrastructure maintenance, expenses, social spending, etc.).

That's why, in order to identify all this important information, we gave the players a global and detailed interface by trying not to overload the menus.
In addition we wanted to make it easy to change the percentages dedicated to the Industrial Production with your Mouse (either with the wheel or by leaving the left click pressed). You will see live forecasts of your future productions and the possible shortages of resources that could result.

Your Industrial Power is determined by both the number of your plants and their levels and the number of people working there (workers and prisoners of war). Factories have energy needs; if you do not supply them with Oil or Coal, their productivity will hugely decrease.
It will be the same if you don't have enough workers.
It will therefore be necessary to be careful to never run out of manpower while monitoring the need for resources that could very quickly reduce your stocks.

Your Industrial Production will also be affected by the laws of your country (working hours, retirement age, legal working age, women's work, etc.). You can also improve it via many technological researches.

Now that you know more about Industrial Production, let's have a look at the different possible productions:

  • Wealth - To generate Wealth to cover your Expenses.
  • Basic Necessities - They cover the basic needs of your population. You will be required, according to your laws, to dedicate a part of your Industrial Production.
  • Supplies - Vital need for your men (food, medical kits, clothing, etc.), producing Supplies will be one of your priorities. Badly supplied, soldiers will lose their Cohesion quickly and if this lack should last, they will perish.
  • Fuel - Used by the combustion engines of your vehicles, Fuel production is a priority for highly motorized countries. A shortage could immobilize your units and make them easy targets.
  • Small Armaments - Include firearms (rifles, machine guns, handguns, etc.), small explosive devices (hand grenades, mortars, mines, etc.) as well as small caliber ammunition.
  • Heavy Armaments - Heavy Armaments include shells and large caliber weapons such as cannons.
  • Engines - As the name implies, they represent the engines fitted to your various vehicles.
  • Frameworks - Frameworks include the frames and structures of your vehicles as well as the armor plates.
  • Spare Parts - Spare Parts are intended to replace defective or degraded parts of your vehicles and weapons.
  • Cargos - Unlike the others, Cargos are built with Engines, Frameworks and Spare Parts. They will be used for trading but will also serve to move and disembark your soldiers beyond the seas.

Reserves indicate the current stock followed by the storage capacity. Storage capacities depend on your Infrastructure, the size of your Warehouses and the level of your port facilities. They can be improved by investing in your buildings.
When you capture a Warehouse, you will be able to potentially seize a portion of the abandoned stock on-site and use it for your War Effort.

You will also be able to let your Minister of Industry in charge of the Industrial Production if you prefer to focus on other aspects of the game, but don't worry, be happy, you can at any time take back control of your Industrial Production.

That's all for today. We also want to thank Canard PC (a major French news magazine video game) for featuring FoH in one of their articles, you can see a photo of this article on our Instagram.

Have a good week and thanks again for your support!

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