Devlog #8 - Resources Gathering

Welcome everyone for this new Devlog. Today we will see how you can get Resources in Fields of History: The Great War.

Long before World War I broke out, Industrial Production in European countries and the United States grew considerably.
This led to a high demand in Resources and raw materials, sources of many tensions. More and more Countries had to import lots of Resources from all around the globe, making their economies highly dependent on Foreign Trade. 

The Great War and the rivalries between Nations brought to a strong demand for strategic Resources, which led to higher prices (the price of the Crude Oil barrel perfectly illustrates that, less than a dollar before the beginning of the conflict, close to two dollars in 1918).
In addition to mobilizing millions of people as never seen before in History, the First World War also raise a major change in consumption patterns and productions. 

As the historian Daniel Yergin summed it up very well, "World War I was a war that was fought between men and machines. And these machines were powered by oil."

We've made a change in the design of the Region interface, now we show the Deposits instead of the Resources produced. 

In fact, only some of them can be exploited at 100%. It will be necessary to differentiate exploited Deposits and under control Deposits. 

Resources extractions are done on a regular basis. The daily balance, like what we already did in "Expenses & Incomes", is summarized in different tables.

For each resource, you have:

  • Region : Name of the Region in which the Resource is harvested/extracted with the Flag of the Country who controls it. If it's not your Nation, it's one of your Subordinates
  • Deposits : Exploited Deposits / Total Deposits
  • Cost: Operating Costs
  • Workforce : Needed Manpower to properly operate. It appears in orange if you don't have enough Workers
  • Production : Production Report

Depending on the Relationship you have with your Subordinates, you will be able to exploit more or less fully the Resource Deposits they will provide you. Having bad diplomatic Relations with your Subordinates gives them the right to limit their Contributions to you.
Similarly, a partially controlled Region or a Region with a distrustful population will have a negative impact. 

In addition to that, a part of your civilian population will have to fill all the posts in order to have an optimal production. If you are short of workers, you can put your POWs to work. If, in spite of all this, there were still vacancies, then your Production will be affected and you will not enjoy 100% of your Exploited Deposits. 

Added to this, you will have to pay the Operating Costs (materials, salaries as well as others various costs).

Thanks to the Technologies obtained throughout your Game, you will be able to reduce Operating Costs and the number of people needed while increasing your Production with new processes.

You will be able to produce Charcoal by Pyrolysis. Although this method is not economical, it will allow a Country cruelly lacking Coal to produce some. 

We're still thinking about other processing methods to let a Country convert some Resources into other Ressources (at a high cost) to limit the consequences of shortages. 

This is how this Devlog ends. We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again to all of those who support us daily! 

Good weekend to all!

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