Devotion for a Red God
As promised, here is the text of the poem I shared at the Devotional to the Dagda I helped the Cauldron of the Celts  with during PantheaCon  yesterday morning.

This poem - though really more of a prayer for those receiving it, I think - was written expressly for use during this ritual, by the lovely ladies of the Cauldron. I hope you enjoy it.


for the walk round the hill – though be dreary and dry –
just through the cloud break – spy the gold of sun lees –
and no matter the travel or the toil in hand –
there’s long hands – ever waiting –
by the red – driven hand –
he moves and he listens – though mostly he waits –
with the plenty of ages – our hurts does he slake –
and let never be said that he slights or withholds –
at least not for the brazen – the heart – and the bold –
in the red hands be held – and your walks be made lighter –
for the love of his sort – and his laugh on horizon