DFC Battlegroup Types and their Uses
Specialty Battlegroups? Who knew?!

There are battlegroups out there that have special uses, well more that I have found them and classified them. Let us go over some shall we?

Sniping Battlegroup;        Sniping battlegroups tend to be small and fast groups. Their whole goal is to take down a strike carrier or to wound/cripple a troopship. The reason for this is because those two targets have to move full speed on turn one and only the latter can go silent running. You will see these groups consist of a Strategy Rating (SR) of 4-6. This will usually be Frigates but do not be surprised if there is a Wyvern in there from the Scourge.

Here is how the math plays out for this type of group. Turn 1 they Max Thrust forward 20”-24”, their target (if a strike carrier) has move forward 10”-12”. This means 30”-36” has been used so far. At the start of Turn 2, this battlegroup activates first and goes another 10”-12” typically not even that fast for they can hit the target rather easily.

Now, this type of battlegroup is a suicide group but sometimes the gain is substantial, and taking out a strike carrier can be pivotal!

Tally Ho battlegroup;        This group is your strike carrier and troopship battlegroup. These tend to be SR 7-8 and will try to outdo the Sniping battlegroup. Since not all players will be willing to sacrifice a battlegroup for what they feel as little gain, this battlegroup will be more popular I expect. This will be a common battlegroup and it is not a weak group either though you will tend to feel that it is a meh activation later on in the game due to its inability to shift much else in the game but the ground situation

Mixed Basket Battlegroup;        Ah, a battlegroup I am 50-50 on. This group will likely be made up of some combination of Troopship, Carrier, and bombardment ship(s) and sometimes all of the above! Now the good thing about this is that you can effectively use the 12” allowed for Battlegroup Cohesion to get your targets as you desire but it comes at the cost of having a much higher SR and wanting to do vastly different things which makes you want to be in potentially different positions in the activation deck.

Expect to see this type of battlegroup with the UCM more often than the others but that does not mean the other factions can not do this as well. The UCM just have the capacity to do so effectively.

Carrier Battlegroup;            A simplistic concept really. This battlegroup will be where your Fleet Carriers will be. These groups will tend to have 2x of the same Fleet Carrier unless you are the PHR. The PHR have the access to the most variety of carrier and due to this, most other faction will have an SR 10 carrier group or so, the PHR can have it from as low as SR 4 to SR 20. These groups will want to hang back and be further in the activation deck.

Hammer Battlegroup;        The idea of this battlegroup is old. They used formations of men to lead or push armies where they wanted in order to smash them into a strong “anvil” force. This type of battlegroup will tend to flank you and will likely be made up of mass frigates or Light Cruisers. Watch possible groups of this like a hawk because your opponent wants you to go somewhere and the can be ruinous for you. This group will not usually get over SR 10 and it will be fast. Usually Thrust 10” or better

Anvil Battlegroup;            This is a heavy hitting battlegroup. It will likely be made up of several Heavy sized ships or many medium sized ships. The goal of this group is to take a beating yet still deal out a worse one to you. With a flanking Hammer battlegroup, this group becomes more dangerous and can force key units to go down fast if you are not careful. The ships in this battlegroup will not always be the same ship but you might see groups of 4x Orion-class Cruisers, 2x Avalon-class Battlecruisers, 2x Basilisk-class Battlecruisers, 2x Obsidian-class Heavy Cruisers. These groups will have a HIGH SR so use that to your advantage and try and force them put this where they dont want it in the activation deck.

Focal Point Battlegroup;         This is a group that will have a big gun of some sort. The Shaltari Diamond-class Battleship, UCM Avalon-class Battlecruiser, PHR Heracles-class Battleship and other such ships are Focal Points on the battlefield. These Titans of War will be prime targets from the very beginning and as such will have the greatest battles around them hence the name. Watch the UCM on this because they can set up a dual Battleship battlegroup and that will be a pain to get through!


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