DG Podcast Episode 100
This is it folks. We have finally reached episode 100. Life got in the way a time or two, but we are finally ready to point out our insecurities and faults. I mean other people’s, not ours. We are awesome and so will you be by basking in the radiance of our awesomeness. You could be 100 times more awesome just by listening to the podcast. The hosts of the show do their best to describe what we’ve been doing recently. Lindsay has been playing Destiny on her new PS4 and watching Fairy Tail. Jason has been watching cartoons: Hellboy, and Dominion Tank Police. He’s also been watching some Marvel movies: Thor: Dark World, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the Marvel One Shots. Rhett has returned to Bloodborne. He has also been watching Kung Fu movies like Bushido Man. Chance sent us two emails this week. The first one was in regard to episode 100 the second was about the spoilercast we did on Age of Ultron and his assessment of the movie. He clears up his obsession with Green Lantern and reminisces about how he found the DG Podcast and became a fan. He talks about GMOs and we let Lindsay respond. He also discusses his personal life. He liked Hawkeye’s character development and The Vision. He didn’t like Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, the Black Widow/Bruce Banner relationship, or Ultron. In the news dump: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – character has tattoos like Brock Lesnar Twin Peaks un-cancelled Guillermo del Toro regrets Silent Hill Russian military tank controls look like dual shock controller New rock, paper, scissors game More Kojima/Konami drama with YouTube video Blizzard bans +100,000 World of Warcraft players Larry Shearer leaves the Simpsons Nintendo World Championships return in 2015 More Marvel weirdness Preview for new Supergirl TV show We then turn the discussion to superheroes killing bad guys. We talk about why the superheroes don’t kill, why they do kill, and the justifications that are given. We also talk about superheroes that have killed in the past and no longer do so. In the new bracket that we introduce in this show we have one man standing against ten opponents. It is our superfan, Chance, versus 10 contenders. The contenders are: Batman Green Lantern George Takei Bilbo Baggins Abraham Lincoln Deadpool Gandhi Darth Vader Lzzy Hale Elmo Find out how Chance did against this motley array of opponents Let us know what you think about the topics discussed tonight by commenting on our Twitter account, comment here on blog, or go to the forum. You can also email us at [email protected]