Diana rewards going out tonight!!
Today I finally did the Bloodmoon Diana photos!!! :D I'm now sitting putting together my PDF for how it was made and I'm gonna edit the wallpaper so all the $5 rewards will be out by this evening Tomorrow I'll be editing the video tutorials for Diana and thresh and doing the voice over so the $10 content will go out tomorrow night and then I can start on Valeera and I can stop being behind on life!!😭 fuck I just want to sleep normal hours again. I'll be getting everyone's print orders tomorrow as well and prints will go out this coming week! I'll also book everyone's consults for march!! Hopefully by the end of April I'll actually be a full month AHEAD of schedule!!! I'm doubling up on cosplays next month with ahri and Lux so I will be able to send out lux rewards in the middle of the month and Ahri rewards at beginning of may!!! How great would that be!!! 😂 As usual thank you for dealing with me! I love you guys!!! 😭💕
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