Diane Paine-Wheeler

Today I briefly went to Facebook to check in with my fellow Three Weird Sisters before we got together on our Skype call. I had a message from an old friend who wanted to make sure and hug me and tell me how much our friendship means because life is uncertain. I hugged her back -- concerned because you worry when one of your friends suddenly does that.  And then she wrote back and told me that Diane had died this weekend, and it reminded her how important it is to tell the people in your life you care about them since you don't know how long you have.

Diane was a joyful and delightful person to be around. I hadn't known her long or well as I would have liked to, and I am the poorer for it. She loved to make people feel special and wonderful. One of the ways she would do that was to crown Pretty Pretty Princesses a few at a time. (By the way, you do not have to identify as female to be a Pretty Pretty Princess.) She just gave me a tiara back in October at OVFF. It's the same tiara I'm wearing in the Windycon footage that ended up in the

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

music video we did in late 2015.

She created a PPP (Pretty Pretty Princess) Facebook page and urged us to go forth and crown others so they can feel special and loved too. (I crowned Simon because he coveted my tiara, and then he crowned a friend at school.) Right now several PPP folks are planning to crown others too a few at time, so they can also feel special and appreciated.

There is a great picture, Diane's husband David made of Judi Miller, Kira Heston, Diane, and me all posing together with the magnet ears or horns we bought at Confluence. In my Confluence music video and all the others I posted from that con, you can see Judi Miller dancing joyfully in her ears and tiara signing our concerts. I think Confluence was the con in which Diane crowned her. (Hopefully the link I attached will take you to the picture.)

Diane was also one my patrons here, encouraging me and other artists to make more art, more music, more wonderful things. I had just sent her a note telling her about the tiaras and thanking her for her support here.

She was so kind and joyful. My heart is breaking for her husband David and their kids. My heart is breaking for everyone that knew her and those that never got to. My heart is breaking for me.