Dice Looters Level Unlocked! More Dice For All!

We are at 30 Patrons, which unlocks a Goal!

Rather then cut and paste that here, as I did and it was rather large, I will wait for you to go to the main page ( https://www.patreon.com/Caveloot ) and read the details on that, and then from here will discuss it on the basis you know what's there.

That done, let's talk the schedule! We last did this project when it was unlocked as a yearly one, from a previous goal, in July 2019 with plans to do next 7/2020.

I will be bumping that up now by one month to do in June. Then following that will do again six months later in January 2021, putting it on the 6 month schedule.

What happens if we drop under the 30 Patron membership?
That's a great question and I appreciate you asking it. The goal was met and so will happen at least once. Meaning that I will be doing both the 6/2020 and 1/2021 custom group project dice. 

If we are under 30 members on 1/20/21 then it would go back to the yearly goal (assuming we still had that many members), and would then take place next on 1/20/22. If we are at 30+ members, no change would happen.

Ok, what are all the cool dice? Going to talk the Centaur's and Cat first. 

The Centaurs are one of the new new Inventory selections I have placed an order for. I won't have these in stock for about 10 weeks, but if any Patron's would like any of them, I can offer them to Patron's for $1.00 each.  

Just drop me a note or post a response with what you want, and I will invoice you when they arrive into stock. Ill ship them with your Dice Looters after that, so as to avoid any additional shipping costs. 

The Cat is a custom order someone placed with me and as such, I didn't want to duplicate the customer, so didn't order extras.

I DID however go ahead and place a stock order for the same image on three other styles of dice, as I had been meaning to do some Cat dice for a while now.  When those arrive in 10 weeks or so, I will show photos and make them available to Patron's at $1.00 a Die.

How did I do? Are you about ready to strangle me, wanting me to get on with info about these cool Pendants or what?

So these are from Chessex and a new product line I am stocking. They are cool necklaces that also hold your Dice (well a single one anyway... per necklace.) They also come with a Die  style, called "Butterfly". which is only available with the purchase of the jewelry.

They can be purchased from caveloot.com, currently easily found in the new products section. Sort by Date added or in the search box put "pendant".  https://thecaverns.net/store/store-2/#!/New-Items/c/23929782/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc 

I currently have three options in stock, I have more on the way, and plan on adding all of them as quickly as I can.

If you are a Patron, hold off on purchasing for the moment! I have this other thing I need to take care of really quickly, and I will come back over here in just a bit and make a Patron only post with a special discount code for active members!

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