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Hello everyone!

I mainly wanted to put out an update to say, sorry, I don't really have an update right now!

HA! I haven't had a lot of to say about Dice in the last couple of weeks. That will happen from time to time, never fear, it is always a short lived thing. Usually it is in proportion to how many projects I did just before a slight lull. 

I only have two quick rolls for you right now. 

One, is we have a new Patron!! WOOT! That also puts us just two people shy of unlocking the next goal! Tell your friends to sign up!

The other piece of news is the images you are seeing on this post. These are for a Kickstarter that I am not making any promises that it will happen, or when, but if all goes as I hope I will be going live with by next Tuesday :)

Regardless, I will share more information when it does go live, and just leave the cool photos hanging on the board here.

Looking forward to July's packages! Been thinking about what would be good to send out, and already have a few ideas. 

Thank you all for your continued support and being Member's of Dice Looters! 

One of these days I want to buy a badge printer, and make membership cards for every member. Costly little things though.

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