Did God Create the Universe?
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Did God Create the Universe?

We look at this question, as well as others which humanity has asked before the scientific method was discovered.

Special Credit to Christopher Hitchens.

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Where do the claims come from?

1) Rainbows: Genesis 9:13-17

2) Firmament: Genesis 1:6-8

3) Thunder & Lightning: Zeus (Greek god of sky and weather), Biblical sources for Yahweh/Jesus: Job 37:3, Psalm 18:12-14,

Psalm 78:47-48, Psalm 97:4, Jeremiah 10:13

4) Demons & Evil spirits: Deuteronomy 28:60--61; Matthew 8:16--17; John 9:1-2; 11:3--4, 1 Corinthians 11:29--30

5) 2 day creation of animals in sky, water, land: Genesis 1:20-25

6) Creation of man: Genesis 2:7, Creation of woman: Genesis 2:21-22

7) Volcanoes punish gay people: Genesis 19:23

8) Reference to Egyptian sun god Ra

Yahweh creating the world in 6 days:


Mbombo vomiting up the world in 3 hurls:


Pangu hatching out of an egg to create order to the universe: