Did Sen. Flake, flake out???
Episode 913:  Where has Sen. Jeff Flake been for the last 8 years?  Did he just wake up and get some intestinal fortitude?  Is he taking a page out of the senior senator from AZ John McCain and become a maverick?  

 Sen. Jeff Flake really has nothing to loose by attacking President Trump, why?  If his numbers hold in the early stages of the 2018 midterm election, he will loose in the primaries to former state senator Kelli Ward.  Not only will a sitting senator loose, it will be a big lose because Kelli Ward is way more conservative then Sen. Jeff Flake ever dreamed of being.

 Sen. Jeff Flake is a man of compromise.  He seem to be willing to compromise to get along with the status quo.  Sen Jeff Flake only pays lip service to the US Constitution and the values the founding fathers had that made this country great to begin with.

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