Did the US Energy Secretary just Walk by the Energy Solution?
Rick Perry, the new Department of Energy Secretary visited ORNL but seem to have missed the key to US energy independence!

The MSRE experiment reactor that operated for 5000 hours was a stepping stone towards realizing  Alvin Weinberg's vision of a world powered by Thorium! 

Well, maybe he can watch the 'vintage' video and learn about it instead:

TMSR Infinite Energy Supply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwocJLbzWSg 

Today U.S. is the missing link. China, India, Indonesia, and now even Europe has substantial Thorium initiatives underway. 

So, when will we see a funded Thorium project in the country with the world’s most innovative economy?

We know since before that Trump has Thorium in his plan, but what will he do?

We also know that Peter Thiel, Trumps 'tech guy', knows very well about the potential of the TMSR/LFTR after years of private 'personal education' on the topic.

As of today there are several Thorium capable initiatives according to ORNL officials.

When do you think U.S. will have a Thorium project?