Dieselpunk tinker tinker

Success chart

1-3: fail: risk is realised

4-6: succeed but risk is realised

7-9: succeed

10-12: legendary: succeed and something awesome results


Rescue, know, violence, people, endurance, locate, fabricate, chase

You have each of these skills and two specializations. Mark one skill as DENIED. You have 1d12, 2d8, and the rest are d6. Specializations must have equal or higher die types than the base skill when starting out.


Every action that needs a roll needs a risk. Risks are one of cost (potential DEBT), harm (potential WOUND), delay, spillover, ineffectiveness (only as a last resort because boring), revelation, confusion, and waste. Per R. Donoghue. Some examples:

  • Car chase! Chase with risk DELAY. On fail, you crash your car. On success+risk you elude your captors but you’re just going in circles or crash your car. Chase with risk SPILLOVER: On fail, you kill a pedestrian and are still being chased. On success+risk you elude your chasers but kill an innocent.

Wounds and debt

A WOUND or a DEBT affects your rolls. They reduce your roll by one die (pick one) if you have multiple dice. If you have only one die, they reduce the size of the die one step. If your d6 is reduced, treat as a DENIAL. WOUNDS affect physical actions. DEBTS affect mental ones. Effects are cumulative.


Any die that rolls its maximum (6 on a d6, 8 on a d8, 10 on a d10, 12 on a d12) triggers an advantage. Choose one of:

  • Promote the die to a the next higher die type, improving your skill for next time!
  • Add a new specialization under the skill with a d6
  • Add a new specialization under the specialization if you used on, with a d6
  • Take one greater level of success

Note that you might roll a max number on a die that is not the highest result! You can choose to take it as your result and get the advantage or you can use your highest value and get no advantage.

The ref

The ref will follow the players’ lead unless they run out of motivational steam. In such a lull the ref will do one of:

  • START SOME SHIT. Something from the environment or the past starts a fight
  • CREATE A HAZARD. Someone falls, a flood rushes through, a fire starts.
  • CALL IN A BOND. Bring a character’s BOND into play as a conflict.
  • MAKE A SCAR A PROBLEM. Bring in a character’s SCAR as a conflict.
  • INTRODUCE SOMEONE INTERESTING. Bring an NPC on scene that has motivation and character and knows at least one character.
  • DRY UP A RESOURCE. Out of money, food, water, gas — the characters are missing something they need.
  • RECALL A MISSED HOOK. What about that sandcrawler? The strangely pristine vase?

Polka Zwee

Polka is tanned mahogany from the sun. No one knows what his natural colouring might be. He’s affable, chummy, and maybe a little quick to make friends considering his role as bodyguard. Along with a wide array of survival gear, he carries a hefty Zacker-Weiss anti-vehicle rifle which is not the wisest choice while travelling on foot. He does not complain.

SCAR: it hurts every time I shoot someone

Rescue d6

know d6

Violence D8

fuck up vehicles d12

people d6

endurance d6

locate d8

fabricate DENY

chase d6

vehicles d6

Kierra 13 

With dark skin and even darker eyes, Kierra is dressed in sensible loose tan clothing, and has an oversized pistol strapped to her waist. Her backpack carries enough tools to diagnose and repair most common commercial electronics and equipment.

Rescue: DENY

Know: d8

Violence: d8

               Shooting: d12

People: d6

Endurance: d6

Locate: d8

Fabricate: d6

               Repair: d6

Chase: d6

WOUND: broken ankle

SCAR: Don't accept rides from dangerous Villar

DEBT: lost tool kit

BOND: Those mechanics will never ever forgive me

WOUND: bleeding giant bug bite on the arm