Different AU prompts
Things you said while we were driving; Ray and Gavin

They hurried down the dark alley, throwing each other excited smiles because it was great when a heist went just like plan. They felt invincible, colors bursting in their chest as they left the sirens behind. True, they had only caused some mayhem while Geoff and Michael robbed the place but that was sometimes more fun anyway!

As expected, their getaway vehicle stood around the corner where Jack had planted it before and they slipped into the backseat.

Gavin was laughing loudly, instantly looking back to check if they were being followed but they seemed clear. “Looks like we got lucky, let’s get back to the safe house!”

“Gav,” Ray said and pointed to the front. He turned around, scared that the LSPD had somehow cornered them but he saw nobody.


“Who’s driving?”


They stared at each other, then back to the driver seat and Ray shrugged. “I call shotgun.”

“Oh, bloody hell,” Gavin whispered before squeezing into the driver seat. “How did nobody notice that?”

“Yeah, kinda a flaw in the system.” He let himself drop into the passenger seat, seemingly unimpressed. Well, until Gavin turned the key and with a jerk ahead, the engine died on them.

“So, um… how many cars would you said have you driven in your life?”

“About four?” Gavin replied a bit sheepishly.

“Okay, how many of those are still like… usable.”

Gavin fell quiet. The tip of his tongue poked out from between his lips in concentration as he reached for his seatbelt. Ray accepted that as his answer and also buckled up.

This time Gavin managed to keep the motor alive and slowly, very, very slowly, he steared them out of the alleyway. It was a tense silence between them, Gavin’s hand curling around the steering wheel hard enough to show his knuckles.

When they drove over the curb and onto the street, they both yelped in fear.

That was how Ryan found them 20 minutes later. Gavin finally nearing 20 miles per hour, while muttering something about bloody biscuits underneath his breath. He drove next to them for a while, just to mock them and Ray had his middle finger plastered against the window the whole time.

“Interesting getaway tactic you two have,” Ryan called after Gavin finally managed to stop.

“Just… just fuck you, alright?”

This place is alive; Gemini Dream

“This place is alive,” Gavin whispered, fearing someone around them was eavesdropping.

“Bullshit,” Michael cut right through his crap. “A place can’t be alive. I don’t think anything besides us is alive in this thing besides maybe rats.”

Throwing a look over his shoulder, Gavin made sure that the other was right and they really were alone. And alright, the hallway behind them was still abandoned. Abandoned and very, very dark. He could make out dark smudges on the wall where torches should be, lighting them the way. Now most part was overgrown with mold. Thick and black, nestling in the cracks of the old castle.

Michael shoved him and he screeched as he nearly touched it, quickly darting back.

It was probably meant as a cruel joke but they both shivered at the unfitting, high pitched noise and started to listen as if they feared they had woken something. Like something was now alerted of their presence and would start following them.

“Be quieter,” Michael said. He looked paler than usually, eyes searching the path behind them before turning around. “Come on, there has to be a way out of here.”

Gavin nodded and followed, keeping close enough so that their arms brushed. None of them commented on that.

Whaaaaaaaaaat, is that the first sneak peak of Gemini Dream? Maybe it is, my friend. Maybe it is.