A different kind of hangover...
Coming off of three busy training days in hot weather with shoots in between and my body is dehydrated and sore. It feels a lot like a hangover.
Today I'm taking a day off, flying to Toronto and making sure to drink lots of water.
Which brings me to drinking. As we head into the weekend and make our plans, is drinking part of the plan? Or is it something that just happens, like snacking? Since beginning my channel, I've cut my drinking down to about 2x wk or less. It's made a huge difference in my energy level and my performance. I've enjoyed ice cold seltzer and lime, unsweetened iced tea, or lemon water just the same. My skin glows more and I sleep better too.
Don't get me wrong- a good girls night with margaritas or wine or an end of day beer is great. Having them only 1-2x wk makes it even more special.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Cheers!
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