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Different Ways Of Saying "I Love You" In German | A Get Germanized Lesson

Always saying "Ich liebe dich" for "I love you" in German might not always be the best course of action. There's many different and sometimes better way of expressing yourself. This easy course for beginners and medium level (intermediate) B.1/B.2 learners will increase your fluency in no time and teach you different/better ways of saying "I love you" auf Deutsch! 

They say life is too short to learn German but that's not true! Whether your intention might be a conversion of Deutsch to Englisch (translate German to English), getting a DAAD scholarship, just visiting Germany or to learn German online for other reasons....this is the channel for you! 

You can use a dictionary to translate german to english but this video series is just so much more effective! You can soon study in germany, convert german to english on your own and tell people how easy German is for you! You don't need to visit a Deutschakademie or use a German dictionary! All you want is right here on Get Germanized! So throw away that German/English dictionary, stop that German course and learn Deutsch with me! Soon you'll be your own English to German Wörterbuch! Dieser Deutsch-Anfängerkurs wird euch helfen eure Sprachkenntnisse erheblich zu verbessern!  

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