Hey folks. First of all, please let me know if you see this message! I'll be uploading various things to this feed during the week and I want to make sure it's getting to you. SO... news for this month is that I'm putting the finishing touches on a new track that I'm dying for you to hear. I'll be mixing with my good friend Jon Rezin on the 10th and posting the song shortly thereafter. Also, reaching my initial $250 goal, I've done an acoustic cover as promised. It's a version of the classic 'Stand By Me,' but not like any other version... I deconstructed the harmony, changing it to a minor key, and replaced the iconic bass line with a bluesy guitar riff, basically making it greasy and swampy. I've played this on solo and band gigs before and it always does well... it works well for jam sessions too, because it only has two chords. It would be great to record the full band version at some point! OK, more posts to come. I've been making some notes about the creative process and the inspiration (good and bad!) behind some of the work, and it should be very interesting and a bit scary to share them with you. Good times! Thanks for the support everyone.
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