DigiCash Cryptocurrency Resource Library
[Last Update: 01/23/2018 - Newest thing: The Closed Facebook Group for Patron's Only]

This is a regularly updated post that serves as a repository for all primary and important resources created thus far. A link will be appended to the end of most posts for easy reference. Patrons are welcome and encouraged to suggest additions in comments.

The Bitcoin FOMO TL;DR Series - The Quick How-To

This is the place for newbies to get stareted right away without having to understand it all up front. Also, those who may have bought some crypto like Bitcoin sometime back and never did anything with it beyond let it sit in an exchange.

Practical Guides, How-To, and Know-How

These are what existed prior to the TL;DR series, above, in response to why some patrons were reluctant to just in. These are generally a bit more complex in terms of theory, lighter on the step-by-step practice. However, these are not the all of it, just the more essential so some patrons may wish to go through past posts more thoroughly.

Theory and Nature Of Money Posts

This is where I put posts, in chronological order, that are important in terms of understanding cryptocurrency and the revolution that's now in full swing.

Other Resources

Where everything else goes...

Again, suggestions for additions are welcome in comments.

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