Digimon World OST Remake - Machinedramon Battle
Machinedramon or Muchendramon battle theme from Digimon World ps1 game. For such a short theme it is very effective. At Mount. Infinity you fight against this Ultimate Digimon Final Boss.

At one afternoon I found a video offering some of the midi's of this game because of the nostalgia, so I decided to give them a try and remake themes a little. This was one of the first games I played in my childhood.

That is why I decided to remake most memorable themes from the Digimon World 1 and upload them here. One of them is file Machinedramon Theme

I wasn't able to beat the game back then, but still I think some of these melodies are really inspirational. Wonderful examples of game music. I hope you like this digimon game music as much as I do.

It is very epic final boss tune. It is only fight which has it's original tune.  I decided to add some elements, but the melody structure is basically the same.

Track 63 of Digimon World: Original Soundtrack

Original composition made by Koji Yamada

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