Digital art - New Tools
Relatively quick piece created using the new program ProCreate, just trying to get used to working with the new Ipad and Ipencil. This is painted over a traditional sketch I have sitting around, so I might use it as a rough study for the final painting.

This is so much easier to work with than any of the oldschool tablets I've tried, I've always had a hard time being comfortable with creating artwork digitally. I won't be giving up traditional art any time soon, but it does have it's limitations, and I'm excited to be able to more efficiently create compositional and lighting studies for large watercolor paintings.

These new tools were a little expensive, but I think digital art's potential to help me improve my skills at a faster rate will justify the costs. Thank you again everyone for your support, I'll be using a portion of Patreon payments and Etsy earnings to pay these off over the next year before my new credit card starts accruing interest. This is something I wouldn't have considered possible if not for you guys, and I'm excited to see where it takes my art <3

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