Digital Doodle: Halloween 2018
So, it's not much... especially given the drought of bonus drawings in general, and that usually I do a lot of sketches for Halloween, but currently the main focus is keeping the comic updates on schedule through traveling about, which is proving a little tricky. The good news is that we are on schedule for next week when I'll be traveling for work, so there is something to show for it.

Don't be sad if I didn't pick your suggestion... I just skimmed through the suggestions and picked some that I thought would be easily recognizable, or funny :) mostly so I didn't have to do much proper research.

Kally's dragon 'dressing up' like Kally was mostly just because I thought that would funnier, it doesn't per se have a human form.

If you think you had a good idea, feel free to repeat it in a monthly sketch thread, usually no one posts ideas, so your odds of getting it drawn eventually even without Halloween is pretty good.

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