Digital Piano Original Mix
I wanted this song to have the funky-house feeling of the 2000 - 2007'ish era (pianos, funky bass guitars, organic drums,  soulful vocals), which I was actually a big fan at the time. That sound went out of fashion in the later years and artists like Axwell, Prydz, Freemasons, Bob Sinclair moved to new genres (btw, what happened to Junior Jack?), but with music it's like with fashion: you'll never know when something will be back in vogue. This track is it's called Digital Piano because in my daily life I'm a software engineer, so there are two sides of me: one methodical and one artistic and yes, they are fighting sometimes.

The track is made  in Ableton Live Suite v9.01. It's making of use two free vst plugins which:

I  highly recommend the 4FrontPiano vst, it has a clean basic piano sound, very good for writing and shaping melodies. It very easy to use as it has no additional settings, just drop it in a midi channel and you're ready to go.

Without further ado, I present you my music (the track has a download option on soundcloud). If you interested in the project file of the track please check patreons posts.

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