Digital Purple Kimono
So, I wanted to do a watercolor painting of a kimono, but I didn't really know exactly what I wanted. I was also afraid I might decide on something, start it, then not like it. If that were to happen, the time, paper, and paint would have been wasted, giving me a reason to not start. So today, I thought "Just do it digitally, see if you like it!" And I did.

Here is the picture I worked on all morning. Well, on and off this morning. I had to let my computer charge for a bit and help out around the house haha.

The edge isn't even, especially on the top. I don't digitally paint enough to really know how to get rid of something like that. I'm thinking when I made the base color, it wasn't evenly drawn, and I didn't notice until after the mask was made and I continued painting. So by then I really couldn't fix it.

I hope you enjoy this piece, even though it's quite simple. Thanks!