Digital Rewards Announced
For the first month of rewards, I have some things based on the first book. The files contain spoilers if you haven't read the first book yet. 

First up I have a scanned page that was a part of my very first outline for Star Dog Legacy, done around 2012. I would get a lot of ideas during class, and you can even see the scribbles of my homework in the corner, haha!

Secondly, I have a PDF file of Star Dog Legacy's outline, character profiles, chapter breakdowns, and so many notes that I compiled in OneNote when I used to have it. My process was very different back then. You'll be able to see all the ideas I had and get a sense of what I cut or changed (especially if you've read the prequel ).

Lastly, I have a very short scene sketch that's from the beginning chapters that was a very rough draft. You'll be able to see some of the beta names for objects in the story, including the name of the file itself.

I'll be releasing a private post for the digital goods rewards tier with these files attached as a .zip for patrons once I get any. If not, then these will be rolled over to June rewards while I compile rewards based on Book 2, which are exciting in their own right. Stay tuned!

Shine bright,

Lucas C. Wheeler~