Digital Sketch: Sometimes the Grass is Green Enough.
This picture actually has an interesting history. This is actually a redraw of this picture , which perhaps the earliest full color drawing of The Far Side of Utopia I have, and one of the earliers drawings of both Mium and Naomi.

Some interesting notes:

-Yes, Naomi originally had brown hair, Mium originally had black hair. In the original iterations, I didn't have the more fanciful hair colors for Designer Children.

-I drew the new version before going to go look up the old one, which is why Peter and Naomi got flipped. I just forgot I guess.

-Somewhere along the line, Mium's typical sweater got swapped with Tom's. I honestly don't remember this occurring, but looking at old pictures,  Mium was frequently wearing the patched baggy sweater we later see Tom wearing, and Tom starts wearing in subsequent drawings.

-Peter and Kally seem to be the least changed characters (though Kally isn't in this one).