Digital Tripping

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/Jwxt8eZIkR8]

A  machine that's capable of inducing hallucinations? Sounds like something  out of a science-fiction movie, or as if it's Steven Spielberg's  upcoming film "Ready Player One".

Well as strange as it may  sound, researchers at Sussex University's Sackler Centre for  Consciousness Science have chosen a safer option, instead of dosing up  volunteers with hallucinogenics, they're trying a method that puts out  more reliable data - a virtual reality headset designed to hallucinate  in the same way that the human brain does.

That's right: A headset  that induces hallucinations. Seems silly right? What happens when the  headset becomes an implantable device which alters your behavior?

Ameet  Sarpatwari, an instructor in medicine at #Harvard Medical School, said  the digital pill “has the potential to improve public health,”  especially for patients who want to take their medication but forget.  Patients who agree to take the digital medication, a version of the  anti-psychotic Abilify, can sign consent forms allowing their doctors  and up to four other people, including family members, to receive  electronic data showing the date and time pills are ingested.

My point is this: They're using new and alternative forms of medicine to further disassociate us from reality.

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