Dillinger Derringer pag.01 Issue#1
Let's start! Ok someone may have a dejavu to seeing this chubby cat with black mustache and spats... you're right but he's Simeon Derringer, a new character different from Simon Blue (from Pleasure Bon bon) although he is the great grandson of Simon Blue! But it was created before. For this reason his last name is not Italian although the Derringer family live in Italy. In Rome, more specifically, in a suburb of a neighborhood called Labaro. And this is real. What I drawn is the district where I was born and raised :) In fact the house you see in this page really exists and is the home of my maternal grandparents. My childhood home is instead located in the small building on the background ( the small one in shadow on the right edge of the panel). I made so many photos to my grandparents' house and I redesigned it perfectly! Outside and Inside. If I will find some pictures I will show you ^_^ Another note are the two twins. They also are real people and they are twins children that living near me and my relatives in the same street, but now they are adults, they have about 20 years. They still live near the house of my grandparents and often I meet them when I visit my parents. Are still chubby and with silly faces XD . One, Giovanni (John), has became a pin-pong champion (!), he is manga and anime addicted and play cosplay! The other, Giuseppe (Joseph), manages a drugstore with her mum. When they were kids, they used to stop anyone on their way making thousand of questions ... the same on this page! I was so inspired from them that I could not resisted XD ahahaha! But they never knew that 20 years ago I made them in my comic! I can not tell them...It will remain a secret between us  ;)    Vanessa