Ding! Ang Bato!
The Adarna is here!

It is my first diwata, and it is inspired by a combination of the mythical bird of the same name, the star maidens of lore, and a trademarked Filipino superhero

I have always wanted to do a polymorph spell that is lower than 4th level. Part of it is because only about 30% of my games ever reach the level usable by polymorphs, but part of it is also because transformations are cool and most of the things I watched as a kid involved transforming into a fighting form.

But I didn't want to use a spell before because that meant limiting the power to magic-using classes. Utang na Loob takes care of that - now anyone can use a spell with the prayer skill if their cosmic karma is okay enough. (Low-hp, low-strength characters still gain the most from the magic though.)

Here's the diwata! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Thank you for your support!

PS. Some of you may have been expecting Part 3 of the Sons of Layaw. Don't fret - I just chose to switch up the Adarna and Ynang Layaw on the release schedule. Ynang Layaw herself is also done and is scheduled to be uploaded on November 30! I just wanted it to align with the local Bonifacio Day celebration. We can't, after all, forget the Supremo.