Dingwall NG-2 NEW BASS Demo!
Hello Patrons!

As you might have seen on social media, I purchased a new (lightly used) bass! It's a 5 string Dingwall NG-2 bass, or Nolly Getgood of the progressive metal band Periphery's signature designed bass guitar. While Nolly is obviously a popular artist/producer in the metal scene, one of the best parts of this bass is its incredibly logical design! The fanned frets, angled at the side, and longer length allows my lowest notes to stay in tune very well, and the electronics are designed separately by DarkGlass Electronics, allowing some seriously powerful fine tuning. I can go from motown to jazz to slap bass and funk to the dirtiest metal very easily, and I promise to use it in good health!

New cover will be on a buddy's channel, EpicGameMusic's! And following that we'll have a Persona 5 jam and Secret of Mana's Danger!

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