PROCESS: Final Fantasy VII: Remake
Or is it more of a demake?

Decided to make a diorama based on one of the biggest deals in Playstation gaming history, whose remake will be coming out someday.

I still remember the first time I played Final Fantasy VII, which was also my first ever Final Fantasy. Midgar has to be one of the best places in the game despite it being so dark and seedy. It definitely proved quite the shock though when you got past the Shinra building segment and through the motorcycle chase, and finally was shown that Midgar was just scratching the surface of the world and there was so much more out there.

Anyway, here's how I came up with this diorama.


The original size fit into a 310x310 square. I wanted to recreate the scene where Barret and Cloud fight the Guard Scorpion which is somewhat evident by the valve behind Cloud and Barret. That was supposed to be where they planted the bomb, but I found that I couldn't fit the huge mech into the dimensions I set and it'd also require making a longer diorama so I had to make adjustments...


While not exactly the most shining moment in the game, I chose to use the start of the Bombing Mission as the scene for this diorama as it set the game up and was also most of what was shown in the E3 gameplay preview before.

I started pixeling Cloud in along with the base of the diorama, adding textures and detailing to help make things look interesting.

Next step involved pixeling in Barret and a SOLDIER. I tried to make sure that the SOLDIER was within the line of sight of Cloud by way of the red line you see blinking above.

From there I proceed to clone the SOLDIER and begin working on the body of the train. I simulated it being cropped off screen so it'd with the dimensions of the theoretical box the diorama is in, this helps contain things in a nice way and save me from extending the diorama size.

I add the backing of the train stop where there were pipes along with blocking out the tunnel the train car came from. I also added in the other details of the train, all this required me to scrub through specific scenes of the FF7:R trailer to make sure I was close to accurate with all this.

I add overhead details like pipes and beams to add more depth to the diorama and also added in the some spot black to the tunnel to block out a dark grey silhouette for the pipes that lined the wall.

Finishing touches to the scene involved adding shadows that the overhead pipes cast. It's something my buddy Rob would likely shake his head over but I choose to use 70% opacity black shadows (sorry, Rob!).

Shadows are never black but usually a dark shade of blue. This is why if you want to be stealthy in the night, you don't really use full black but go with something like a dark grey, blue or maybe dark green.

Finally to tie it all up together, I add the HUD that was displayed on the E3 trailer videos. It sadly doesn't display too well against white or transparent backgrounds due to the command list being white so I always have to display this diorama against a dark background.

I'm really looking forward to playing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake when it comes out. Though hopefully I'll have the time to play it when it does... and I'd also need to get a Playstation 4 for sure.