DIOSUKE - Original Lili Outfit from Tekken 7

Hello people, it took me a whole week but at the end I finished the original clothes of Lili in tekken 7, as expected I got it very well.

I have to thank Roy12 for the head mod, she is my waifu and I love seeing her doing dirty things, this mod includes the whole set as clothes and and also has "undress", I hope you like it and if you donated to my patreon something I would be happy and I would get more mods of anime cosplay and the odd game, happy day and happy fap. (Sorry for my bad english)

206504789 Diosuke Lili1Skirt

212504790 Diosuke Lili Gloves

215515791 Diosuke Lili Shoes1

209504793 Diosuke Lili1Top

213815421 Diosuke Lili outfit1Sk

You need its mod for head


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