Disaster and new friends

So I get to the open mic and the camera is flat. Turns out hte power board I charged it from was faulty. So no video from that night. I have learnt since that the middle section where the solo is meant to go is slow when solo acoustic and I have a tendancey of speeding up the end of the song. Time to get out the metronome.

Anyhow on to better news. I have joined a local songwriters group and have met a few cool people. We are planning on putting on a concert August 13th in town to showcase new work. And we are all doing workshops on the weekend to create this new work. I’ve already written a new song. This is more upbeat, due to the workshop concepts and prompt words. So I’ll record something soon. I’ve just changed my stirngs so they’ll need to settle a bit.

Cheers for now.