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Disciple Making Community Basics (Part 1) - CDM Podcast

"Personal practice as a disciple maker is important. But to sustain it, you need community." That's where a Disciple Making Community fits in. 

We've already had some podcasts about Disciple Making Communities (DMC). This one will go over some of the crucial ingredients to a DMC:  

• Action-focused learning

• Prayer/engagement

• Meeting needs

• Accountability/encouragement 

• Celebration

We'll also go into the flow of how a DMC meeting should go. Remember, it's not just about the meeting. A community happens all throughout the week, encouraging each other in all the ways we need to make disciples. This podcast helps you know how to do that! 

We have another 2-part episode on the way that's also about DMC, but more specifically training and multiplying your DMC. Stay tuned! 

Click here for part 2. For just $5/month, you can have access to the premium content of each episode—that's 8 full length podcasts a month! Click here to sign up.

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