Hello, As I look at goals for 2015 (I cringe at the idea of "resolutions"), I am struck by how much I want to achieve over the next 12 months. In a recent conversation with a business partner, she expressed concerns about all that is on my plate - how can I do it all? Well, things must be cut out - trimmed back and let go of, certainly; but, sometimes life demands doing more. More than what should be possible. This is one of those years. My youngest has one more year of being primarily at home, before he goes to nursery school. Not putting our kids in daycare before they go to pre-school is a parenting decision we made in the effort to give our kids the best possible start we could. From a work standpoint, this means we juggle. A lot. It's one more year of insane work-life stuff, but it will pay off in spades - for our family financially, for me creatively, and for our kids; they will have had three years of mom & dad nurturing their many "firsts" of these years. From a work standpoint, my partner and I are launching the Movement Movement. I've written about this before, but we are getting ultra specific and diving into making the business viable and profitable in the next year. Launching is something I'm good at; I expect it to be hard. Bumpy. Messy. And, in the end, effective. Most importantly, my partner is just as tenacious, focused and skilled. Together, we are unstoppable. And, finally, Contradiction Dance feeds my soul and creates opportunities for so many to interact with dance: from audience members, to students, to the company members themselves - we thrive together and are strengthening our community as we grow. 2014 saw us return to making full-length work, offering classes to the community, and building partnerships with other organizations in the arts. We dive back into rehearsals for BOUNDARIES in a couple of weeks: the first run at Anacostia Arts Center was a smash. We had incredible talk-backs with the audience after each performance. I am convinced we made a great show. I'm exploring how to perform it in other venues in other cities, while also looking ahead to our next project, tentatively titled "CodeSwitch". As for letting go, I plan to cut back my direct involvement in some of our classes and outreach; it's time to pass the torch to the dancer/teachers who are hungry to work in the classrooms and share dance with students of all ages. I will always teach; but I need to reserve time to build and grow the Movement Movement & Contradiction Dance, leaving some of the execution to others who are capable and eager for the work. I'm not yet sure how it will all play out, but I'm ready for the game! Part of the discipline of all of this is the joy of dancing itself: I've committed to dance as part of my daily work. Not just maintaining my body, but digging deeper and mining the practice for all it offers: exploration, meditation, creativity, comprehension, and more. It's usually 1.5-2 hours of work; but it is the essence of what I am trying to share with others in all of the ways listed above: movement is essential to a balanced life. The discovery of what the body has to say demands attention. Below is a filmed improvisation from yesterday. It was cold and my body hurt. It was worth every minute. Thank you for sharing this journey. The road is long; your friendship and support bolster me. k.k. :)