Discontinued Prints- Round 2
EDIT: Just a note all prints are 11x17 and can be viewed larger here: http://leekfish.deviantart.com/gallery/51449962/Current-Convention-Prints

Hi guys!

As mentioned on Twitter, I've got nearly a hundred print designs and I really, really need to narrow that down to cycle out the older stuff and the stuff that just doesn't sell super great. I won't be printing further copies for conventions (perhaps printing-to-order after con season, but I've honestly been too swamped to figure that bit out.)

I know a lot of you I'll see at BronyCon next week, so I want to make sure you guys have the option to get the prints you want before they're gone! It'll also save time all around, because I have everyone's reward bags sorted/labeled and ready to bring to con or ship out before I leave for Baltimore. All tiers $25+ are getting a complimentary print of "The Final Battle" and a copy of the EFNW exclusive comic I did the cover art for as my way of apologizing for the delay!

So the image above has all the prints being cycled out- to order, email me at leekfish at hotmail dot com with the subject line "Discontinued Prints." Provide the numbers of the prints you want and kindly clarify if you'll be at BronyCon, if you would like them shipped with existing rewards, or if you need to purchase shipping. I'll confirm your total, and afterwards you can PayPal away!

These are subject to availability- if you want a sold-out print, your order will need to be delayed until after BronyCon as I need to optimize my limited materials for printing my stock for my booth!

Think that about covers everything- let me know if you guys have any questions, and I'll see peeps in Baltimore!!