Discord Information
How to join? Use the link provided in your email when you sign up for Patreon and pledge. You will be given roles by our Discord bot. If you have any issues with roles, please contact Manatee Gaming.

Upon joining the Discord, first stop by the "Welcome-Rules" channel and check the rules of the Discord and other welcome information.

Check pinned posts for more information, also description of channel for channel specific rules.

All Patreon Page + Runescape Rules apply in the Discord. This means NO RWT/BOTTING/MACRO/COMMISSION STAKING/etc. The security is set high in our Discord. You may have to verify information to be able to post. You may also experience a 10 minute delay to do your first post when you are new to the server.

Due to new security, you will be required to either match your Patreon username, or have your Patreon username in () in order to join this server. You will be kicked if you do not follow this rule.

 Please message me if you need any assistance.