I've decided to create a personal Discord for friends, fans, and patrons. In the Discord you'll have a dedicated channel to talk about my work not just with me but with fellow fans. You can ask questions, get answers, and maybe learn a little something about me and my life as an artist.

Discord access is an opt-in benefit for Patrons at the Priority tier or higher.  If you want in, please send me a message with your Discord tag.

Because most workplaces frown on openly browsing big anime titties, treat the entire Discord server as NSFW. The channels you'll have access to are not for my 18+ content.

The waifu wall channel is a Discord-exclusive feature; it's where people can post fanart of and discuss not only my own characters and creations, but also other waifus that have inspired me throughout my life! Discord members can participate in polls to decide which waifu will get new fanart and little writeups by me.

I might lower the tier requirement for invites in the future. For now I don't want too many people piling in; having a direct access to me and my thoughts is a personal investment not just for me but for each patron. Tweets and blog posts don't let me fully explore the topics like in a candid and nuanced fashion. With Discord, I can personally engage with you, my friends and followers. I want to be sure that I make myself available to people that really want it. 

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